PayPie Blockchain, Inc. has published an updated White Paper following its pre-ICO that occurred on October 8, 2017. The updated White Paper, which was prepared following discussions with the British Columbia Securities Commission, includes audited financial statements for PayPie, as well as an updated business plan and risk disclosure.

In part, the updated White Paper was prepared in connection with a Rescission and Restoration offer that PayPie will make to Eligible Purchasers who participated in the Pre-ICO sale, on the terms set out in this link:

We believe that this is the most expeditious way for PayPie to continue to advance its goal of launching a fully developed and operational platform for the use of PayPie tokens in the emerging crypto and token economy.

About PayPie Blockchain, Inc.

PayPie’s goal is to develop a fully functional distributed ledger technology platform aimed at providing token holders and business owners with a disruptive technological tool that will reshape the way in which businesses finance their growth.