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The Opportunity

Assess the Real Risk Standard of a Company

There is an unmet market need for a trusted platform that lets businesses build a transparent financial track record that helps them obtain better access to short-term lending. Integration of blockchain technology with accounting data is a way to improve transparency, automate lending, and accelerate processes.


The clarity of events in an accounting solution along the supply chain via the blockchain is an enabler of faster payment, increased efficiency, reduced risk of fraud, and lower costs. And this is the gap that PayPie is going to fill.

PayPie Utility Tokens

Empower Your Financial Decisions

  • Blockchain Technology

    PPP Tokens

    PPP Tokens are based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard. The PPP Token is the utility token that provides access to the PayPie platform for certain transactions and services. Each PPP Token grants the holder the right to access certain services on the PayPie Platform and credit marketplaces that may develop using the PayPie Platform in time.

  • Eliminating Third Parties


    Lenders will be able to use PPP Tokens to access the PayPie Platform to access financial scoring data and real-time financial data of the SME that they are working with.

  • Blockchain Technology


    Purchase, ownership, receipt or possession of Tokens carries no rights, express or implied, other than the right to use Tokens as a means to enable usage of and interaction with Services enabled by the Ecosystem. The Tokens are not intended to be a digital currency, security, commodity or any kind of financial instrument.

Risk Assessment

The PayPie risk assessment is comprised of the following key components

ERP Connected

Credit Marketplace

We invite independent market participants that wish to utilize the functionality of the PayPie Platform to function as “Credit Hubs” and to enable SMEs gain almost immediate access to liquidity by selling their invoices. PayPie’s risk algorithm is expected to give lenders a higher level of information and confidence to lend on terms not currently found anywhere else.

We invite third parties to establish credit marketplaces (or “credit hubs”) to interface with the PayPie Platform to offer invoice financing to small businesses. Credit Hubs would benefit from seamless PPP Token smart contract execution and PayPie’s risk assessment of the SME and, as data accumulates in the PayPie database, the risk assessment of the invoice customer.

ERP Connected


ERP Connected

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